Branding Webdesign, UI/UX, Web development

Situation: This was a project from scratch for a client with a start-up company. The client needed a website to promote their services and a booking system for customers. A complete graphic concept inclusive logo, typography, colour palette and other graphic elements. Digital strategy, set up of SoMe, including ADS. Design of campaigns and advertisements and other marketing

Action and Result: This project started off with a market analysis and workshop with the client, I then compiled this and started working on a graphic concept to present to the client. The graphic concept provided a complete graphic profile including logo, typography, colour palette and wireframes of what the client’s website could look like with a focus on userfriendliness as well as the feel the client wanted to convey. I then went on to start building the website from the elements we agreed on and integrating the features the client needed, such as payment solution, booking system, reviews.
The next phase focused on creating a marketing strategy and started setting up the digital channels the client wanted to use. During this phase the focus was also on designing campaigns and ads and other marketing materials that would go up simultaneously with the client’s launch.